Pathhead and District Community Association  Update

Our AGM was well attended and we have a new larger commitee. However, we would still welcome any additional help - perhaps you could join our group of commitee supports, who help out at occasional events or with particular maintenance issues.


We are also looking to rekindle our refurbishment efforts and welcome input from anyone with experince of doing this. Please see the commitee page for contact details.


We would like to thank the band of villagers that painted the front of the hall and the porch. This was a mammoth effort and very much appreciated._______________________________________________________________

What Is The Pathhead Hall

Pathhead is a village of around 500 homes situated on the A68, 11 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is effectionally know as The 'Heid


The Pathhead Community Hall, 11 Main Street, was built in 1954 from monies and land gifted by the Callander Family. The Pathhead and District Community Association was formed with the objectives to promote the well being of the residents of Pathhead and the surrounding area, to provide educational, sporting, social recreational activities in the hall and to

raise funds to maintain, manage and develop the hall.


The surrounding area is that covered by the Tynewater Community Council, including the villages of Tynewater, Fala, Edgehead, Dewartown, Crichton, Ford, Oxenfoord & Fala.



The hall is run by a management commitee:

Chairman: Neil Dumbleton 07880 235351

Bookings: Jackie McNairn 07840 356567

Secretary: Mike Johnstone

Treasurer: Brimm Christie

Click here to read about what you can do to get involved.



The Sports & Social Club is a key element of the Community Hall and is open to all residents. A small bar is open every evening and there are various Club Sections catering for different interests. The Club organizes a varied program of events throughout the year, including Quiz Nights, Football, Bingo, Golf, Karaoke, Darts, Discos, Fishing & Children's Christmas Parties


You can check out the Sports and Social Club activities and information on their pages in this website - see here


All information provided on this site is done so in good faith. No representation or guarantee is made about the services published here. If you wish any information to be removed please contact:


Pathhead and District Community Association is a registered Scottish Charity, number SCO12253


Our Address is                                              IMPORTANT SAFETY

  11 Main Street                                            INFORMATION AND

  Pathhead                                                  GUIDES TO USING THE

  EH37 5PZ                                                  HALL CAN BE FOUND

for directions see GOOGLE MAPS                      UNDER SAFETY INFO



Local News

Members of PDCA attended a meeting with Midlothian Council about the proposed cuts to budgets and services. While the Councillors noted their objections to having to make them, the long and short of it is they are likely to make them all. The comment was that if one cut did not take place, another will have to be found elsewhere.


There was little further detail but there could be potentially significant adverse effects on the village. Cuts include charging much higher fees for after school clubs, taking the subsidy away from the bus (so there wont be one!), not maintaining the football pitch or pavilion, not maintaining roads or providing gritting etc, bins being collected only once every 3 weeks or not at all - all on top of curbs to health and social care support and to support for other basic services.


The PDCA will look to reply as a committee but everyone can contact the Council as individuals. Details about the proposals and to respond are here.


The consultation is open until Thursday 14 December 2017.

Ring and Go Transport Service.

This is a new service to provide transport when there are gaps in the bus timetable (mainly in the morning or late at night). It is a taxi service which you can book for set times for journeys between Pathhead, Edgehead and Dalkeith. They charge the bus fare. To use the service you have to get a Ring & Go card, by filling in the attached application form, and sending it with a passport photo to: Karl Vanters, Midlothian Council Travel Team, Dundas Buildings, 62a Polton Street, Bonnyrigg, EH19 3YD.

Pathhead Magazine

Please see  here for past examles of our commuity magazine

from the Archive

Pathhead Music Collective won a national award from Creative Scotland - see here for more amazing details!


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