From the  Pathhead Hall Committee


Dear Villagers of Pathhead and the surrounding district

We have recently contacted you through the Grapevine and other methods to provide information about the Pathhead Village Hall. However, we want to write to everyone in the district to ask for help.  We need support for organising events and we need new members for the hall committee.

Over the last few years the hall has become busier than ever. a wide range of regular actives taking place as well as activities carried out by the Pathhead Music Collective, the Pathhead Players, the Tynewater Churches and the Pathhead Youth Project


We should all be particularly proud of the Pathhead Youth Project with a regular venue for our kids to come to and a summer programme that provides a fantastic opportunity for kids to try out new activities or hobbies.  In return the PYP gives back to the village through events like the Burns supper, village tidy days and the talent shows.

Highlights in our social calendar include the Horticultural show, The Cool Yule, 70s & 80s Nights, tribute bands, world-class music concerts and not least the Pathhead Plays. As well as being great fun, some of these events raise money for local charities.


Over the past years, current and former the committee members, working closely with the Sports and Social Club have managed to steer the Hall back into profitability. We can now consider further refurbishment and provide other facilities such as an all-day coffee shop or gym facilities. This would not only provide for the health and well being of us locals, but might actually create jobs in the village.


While much has improved, we are afraid it is not all rosy. The Committee has dwindled in size of late and a number of events haven’t been well attended by residents even when people asked for them to be set up. If we want a vibrant village, we believe the hall and all that it brings to us must be supported.  We need  ideas for events, support in organising them and people to attend them.


Unfortunately there is a real chance the hall will close - We need you!

How to get involved.


Firstly look at our website to see what we do. You will also find links to other organisations in the Village who you could join.

The committee meet once a month and the involvement is not onerous - it can also be fun, interesting and we are a rather sociable bunch!  We know lots of you will have fresh lively ideas to bring to the hall that could really add to an already fantastic asset. We welcome any support and help.

With more people working together, we can do more events and look to refurbish the hall to be a real asset and social centre. If you can spare a few hours each month, or have ideas for new uses or events please contact us.


You can contact Neil on 01875 320564 or email

Please attend the AGM and show your support, even if you can't join the committee support at the AGM will help.


We Need You

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