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You can now find out what your local police are doing and receive all the news, views and updates by following Lothian and Borders Police on Twitter.


The Site LBP_Police, which already has 100s of followers, allows you the opportunity to communicate with us and get news and information about what is happening in your area.


Newsletter 7 has more information on this and other information on some of the local issues and initiatives, which affect you, and your community. 


We hope you will find the newsletter both interesting and informative as we give you a flavour of community life within the Midlothian area. To ensure we provide you, our community, with the information you would like to see, we would be delighted to receive any suggestions/feedback from you in relation to future content.


We would be delighted if you could print a copy of the newsletter and put it on a notice board in you workplace, or forward the newsletter to anyone you think it may be of interest to, all we ask is that you contact us with any e-mail addresses in order that we can update our distribution list accordingly.


If you require any assistance from your local Community Beat Officer please do not hesitate to contact them on the telephone number or email address provided.


From everyone at the Midlothian Community Policing Team we would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Kind Regards PS4493-E Scott Meechan

Dalkeith Police Station                   

Divisional Headquarters               

New Battle Road                         

Dalkeith EH22 3AX                     

t: 0131 311 3131  e: edivcbodkgroup@lbp.pnn.police.uk w: lbp.police.uk


Community Commitment

Your community policing team will

- make sure you know who they are an how to contact them

- be visible and accessible in your area

- work on community priorities first and foremost

- arrange regular community meetings

- work with you to identify local concerns

- work with others to solve these problems

- regularly update you with progress made


Your Community Police won the Community Engagement Prize at the National  Community Safety Awards. See here for info.



Your Community Police won the Community Engagement Prize at the National  Community Safety Awards. See here for info.

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News Letters



Dalkeith Community Sargeant Scott Meechan won the Comminity Police Officer of the Year. See Newletter 7 for more information.


Congratulations Scott from Pathhead and District Community Association, its well deserved

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