The Pathhead Road Safety Action Group has been formed by a number of local residents in Pathhead who are concerned about the increased flow and speed of traffic (particularly heavy Lorries and buses) that seem to be using the Main Street in the village as “a drive through by-pass”.


It would appear that despite traffic calming measures already in place many drivers are travelling through the village in excess of the maximum speed of 30mph. The A68 trunk road through Pathhead has always been a busy thoroughfare, however since the new Dalkeith By-pass was opened in 2008 there appears to have been a significant increase in the volume of traffic.


The increase in traffic flow and excessive speeds are putting residents of the village at risk i.e. the elderly and the young. The lay-out of the village is such that the main area of population is at the opposite side of the main street to the shops, bank and post office etc.; the result being that residents, particularly the vulnerable are finding it increasingly difficult to negotiate this very busy trunk road.


There is also some concern around polution in the village. The recent installation of a gas infrastructure into the villagewas intended to reduce the evidenced high level of pollution within Pathhead (this due to large number of open fires and solid fuels being used); Increased pollution from traffic could work against this.

The Action Group has made approaches  to the Police through their Community Team, and more recently the Group led by local residents Helen Forbes and Cathy MacAndrew organised a petition to gather support for local concerns.  Over a short two week period 617 signatures were gathered indicating  the level of concern by the community as a whole.


Approaches have also been made to Bear Scotland, to Tynewater Community Council and to local Councillor Katie Moffat, who have all been very supportive, as has local MSP Colin Beattie. It should be noted that Bear Scotland have undertaken to analyse traffic flow figures since the opening of the new Dalkeith by-pass and identify whether there has indeed been a significant increase in traffic flows over this period.


While the improvements to Dalkeith and the A68 at Soutra/Oxton (see right) have benefited nearby areas, they have not necessarily been to the benefit of Pathhead where the village now appears to be suffering from the legacy of these improvements elsewhere. The options available in relation to a trunk road may be limited; but the Action group is asking officials to look into this matter and advise on what can be done to alleviate the current situation



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Transport Scotland's website shows the following over just the last 12 months:


Average Daily Flow of traffic in 2011 to date = 8919 (increase of 565 from 2010).


Average Daily August flow 2011 = 10496 (an increase of 172 from 2010).


Detailed below is a statement from a Transport Minister in 2008:


“With around 1.35 million vehicles and 180,000 heavy goods vehicles currently travelling through the centre of Dalkeith each year, the new bypass is crucial to the community of Dalkeith - cutting the heavy traffic through the town by more than half”.


"This vital bypass will ease congestion for residents in the heart of Dalkeith. I’m delighted to also be able to announce today the next stage for improvements on the A68 with the publication of the Road Orders for the Soutra – Oxton road widening scheme later this year”.



2013 Update

Previously I have updated our local community with regard to the “stalled” re-location trial period of the Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) currently located at the south end of Pathhead.  At that time we (the Action Group) were hopeful that further discussion with Bear Scotland would re-start this previously agreed project.

On contacting Bear Scotland the Group were advised that the VAS re-siting "had been put on hold pending a traffic and pedestrian management survey".  This came as a surprise to the Group as we had not been consulted nor informed of this action. 


Further enquiries have resulted in information that a meeting had taken place between Bear Scotland, Councillor Lisa Beattie and the Tynewater Community Council with the following result (extract from Community Council Minutes of 24 April 2013)


Pathhead Road Safety Action Group

Concerns raised about the hold up of temporary re-siting of speed camera which had been agreed. Lisa Beattie had felt this to be reasonable as she had requested  a pedestrian movement survey to be undertaken by Transport Scotland to establish where best to site a safe crossing area.  This was done but they have been instructed that there needs to be a resolution to this survey before the Council goes to recess in the Summer.  Depending on the results of where the crossing is to be, the re-siting of the speed camera will be done.  Results and methodology will be communicated to the Tynewater Community Council. Transport Scotland is to consult with the local community and the Action Group about the landscaping.  Action - Jenny Graham will contact Transport Scotland and the Action Group about this.


BOB Betram

ALERT - please see the attached document describing the public event/meeting on 12 December 2013


UPDATE Nov 2014

A68 Pathhead - Plan of Action 2014/15 


The Trunk Road contract now with Amey.

Update as at 7 November 2014)


Remove metal stanchions from planting beds

BEAR to cut out or pull out the stanchions. Reinstate any holes with topsoil in the

meantime. March  COMPLETED


Remove gateway pillars

BEAR to remove the 4 no. gateway pillars and store what remains of the slabs at

the Bilston Glen Depot March COMPLETED


Install new illuminated bollards at pedestrian islands BEAR Elactrical team to carry out these works March  COMPLETED


Install two new vehicle activated signs (to replace

existing units) BEAR Electrical team to carry out these works March CURRENTLY BEING REPLACED


Upgrade trunk road signing through village

MITRS to complete design (for gateway signs) and order signs. Work to be carriedout by Street Lighting workforce March  COMPLETED


Install 4 new gateway signs Design being finalised - BEAR Electrical team to carry out these works April/May  COMPLETED


Install gateway features - red panel at north end, 30

roundels at both ends, dragon's teeth. Markings to be

cold applied. Design being finalised, work to be done by Euromark March/April  COMPLETED


Install new street lighting columns and associated

cabling BEAR Electrical team to complete the design and carry out the works April/May/June COMPLETED


Landscaping works in retained beds BEAR Landscaping team to design and complete works May/June

No progress to date; unaware of any current discussions with local community.


Install hard standings on some (or part) of the planting

beds to improve sightlines for drivers emrging from side

roads BEAR to complete the design. Type of surface treatment to be determined April/May/June

No progress to date; unaware of any current discussions with local community.


Feasibility study into providing additional pedestrian

island crossing facility (at the Post Office) BEAR to carry out feasibility study to determine the impact any new crossing island

would have on existing on street parking bays April/May/June 

No progress to date; unaware of any current discussions with local community.


Traffic Regulation Order for Service Road BEAR to asses and make recommendations for new waiting restrictions  April/May/June

Unsure of nature of this issue.


Vehicle parking on footway BEAR and Transport Scotland to develop an Action Plan with Midlothian Council April/May/June 

Not aware of any current discussions or progress to date


BOB Betram




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