Walk 1

Pathhead, Dreepy to Ford then onto and around Vogrie


3hrs total at steady pace.

5 Miles.

Good walking Shoes recommend

Often Soft under foot

A couple of steep climbs

Largely sign posted.

#1 From Mainstreet go through Oxenford Ave and into Callander Park

#2 Follow path at northern edge and urn doen along the back of the houses

#3 At the school. turn left along B6367 

#4 Turn right doen Dreep Burn path. Follow path back to Fod

#5 Turn left into Ford

#6 Enter Path to Ford Glen

#7 Follow path along Ford Glen into the Wood and Our into Grassland

#8 Climb stile into Vogrie and furn right. Folow signs to North Wood and 

    climb the path past the waterfalls

#9 Follow pather into Northwood, around the park to the Lodge.

#10 Follow the top path along the side of the road until the car park.

#11 Follow signs to Vogrie house - along the Rhoddadrendon Walk

#12 At Vogrie House (stop and have a Coffee) then follow path to 


#13 at Alderdean folloew the path up to

#14 the Tyne Valley Greass lands. Then follow the path back to the stile at #8 and then retrace your route.


At #6 follow the sign post tot he Stair Arms for refreshment or walk back into Pathhead for similar refreshment at the Forrsters.


For maps of Vogrie see the Vogrie Website here

Please ensure you are suitably equipped before starting this walk. It can be steep in places and muddy.


#4 Dreepy Burn

#6 entrance to Ford Glen

#7 Ford Glen

#8 Stile into Vogrie


A fence has recently been put aacross the stile into Vogrie. This makes crossing the stile difficult . The fence is also electrified.


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