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The Pathhead Village Hall is now fully open and taking bookings.


Different approaches may still be required during the ongoing pandemic for different types of events based on Government advice. All approaches will be subject to changing government guidelines including relaxation or reimplementation of restrictions.


We ask all users to carry out a risk assessment for their own benefit before using the hall. Guidance on this and a summary of your responsibilities can be found here. Full details on our terms and conditions wider policies for use of the hall can be found here.  


Please note when using the hall you must

·       follow health & safety guidance in the hall and on this website;

·       ensure the hall and any equipment that you use is cleaned after your event;

·       have the appropriate licenses or permissions for your event;

·       book time to cover the whole of your event including extended set up or take down time.


If you want to use the hall  please use the booking form at the bottom of this webpage. The calendar below also shows what activities are already booked. In light of any current restrictions you may want to discuss this beforehand using our contact us email, by speaking to any of our committee members,  


For information: the full details of our approach relevant to periods of lockdown or tighter restrictions can be found here and our risk assessment here. Our Test and Protect procedure is here.


£15 per hour

£55 per four hour block booking 

£110 per eight hour block booking 

Please note:


We currently allow 15 minutes for set up of an event, but would ask all users to pay for any longer set up or takedown times. E.g. if you book a 1pm to 2pm slot, then  we would open at 12.45pm, but ask you to leave promptly at 2pm. If you need longer then please book the hall for longer in 15 minute intervals.  This also greatly helps our key holders and cleaner organise their time and will mean they are not waiting around for an event to finish. 

Please check availability

and use the form below to book the hall

The Village Hall consists of three main areas :-

  • The Main Hall, complete with raised stage and dance floor. 

  • The Day Room and kitchen.

  • The PSSC bar area and snooker room.

The main hall, kitchen and dayroom are usually booked together and the PSSC rooms can be booked separately.

Furniture available :-

  • 120 x black banqueting chairs 

  • 15 x round 4ft tables (fold away)

  • 9 x 6ft rectangle tables (foldaway)

  • 3 x 3ft stand alone tables 

Recommended capacity of the hall is 120 people and it measures 16m(L) x 8m(W) x 4m(H)

If you need any PA or other AV equipment (projectors, screens etc), please let us know and we can arrange a quote for you.

There is more useful information on booking the hall below. However, if you need something specific, please get in touch.



**Important Information**

Before using the hall, please carry out a brief assessment of the suitability of the hall for your needs.

If you are not a regular user, please familiarise yourself with the exits, basic health and safety and fire safety precautions.

(Please ensure people attending your event are aware of the exits etc.)
Check that all exits, as shown in the layout diagram, are clear of obstruction before starting your event.
(Please ensure both sides of the front door are unlocked.) 


Do not interfere with the stage electric or the heaters.
(Please follow the instructions placed in the hall.) 


Please remove your rubbish and place it in the proper bins.

Please take care when using the cooker or other appliances in the kitchen.

(The cooker is for warming food not cooking meals.)


For information on all PDCA policies please click here.

You can obtain a list of conditions for use of the hall either from the foyer or from the online links below. When booking the hall please read these.


When making your booking, you are deemed to have read and agreed to abide by these conditions.

Be considerate of other hall users and local residents.

Please ensure you leave the hall in a clean and tidy state, as you would expect to find it.


  • sweep hall floor (brushes in kitchen cupboard)

  • clean surfaces, including tables (cleaning equipment under kitchen sinks).

  • check the toilets after use.

  • take rubbish away.

  • do not allow your guests to drink outside the hall and leave rubbish or bottles infront or at the sides of the building.

  • be considerate towards other users.


There is No Smoking policy in the hall. Please smoke outside and use the bins provided.

Booking Form

Forms and Useful Info 

Emergency Contact

Matt Elliott

07799 586906

more info


Other useful safety information can be found here:-


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