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3rd Open Letter re Borders Buses

Please find below a 3rd open letter from the Pathhead and District Community Association about the inadequate 51/52 bus service that was reinstated after the reopening of the A68.

We are concerned this service, which does not even support people working "9-5", was put in place by Borders Buses with council agreement but without notice or communication with residents. We feel this is contrary to assurances that we were given that any interruption to the service would stop when the A68 was repaired.

The PDCA are equally concerned at the lack of formal response to either us or residents from senior officers at the Council about our previous concerns.

We believe this letter again reflects the concern of the association, other organisations in the district and many residents, that the bus service does not adequately support the residents and continues to impose isolation and hardship on many residents.

This letter will be published in local social media and distributed to village groups and individuals. It is copied to the Tynewater Community Council and our MSP and MP.

Comments on FB are welcome and helpful, but please also contact Borders Buses, Councillors and Midlothian Council directly. There is a survey on the Borders Buses website that we encourage everyone to fill in.



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