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Creativity Competition-CANCELLED

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We are sad to let you know that we have had to cancel the PDCA Creative Completion due to lack of entries. This is disappointing. There will not now be a gallery in the hall on Saturday.

Thanks to all those who did enter. We were impressed with those contributions and we will be contacting you to thank you for your hard work.

The Village Hall Commitee are keen to hold safe public events to help, support and entertain residents. We have some ideas for other future events, but would welcome any feedback or ideas on events we can hold.

Please let us know either by contacting commitee members, or via or by a PM on our Facebook page.


The Pathhead and District Community Association would like to announce the 2020 creativity competition for the very young, up to and including, 18 year old from all around the district.

Get out your paint brushes, prime your cameras, polish your songs and tunes, and enter now.


One prize per group:-

up to 10 years PRIZE £30 voucher (winners choice)

11 - 15 PRIZE £30 voucher (winners choice)

16 - 18 PRIZE £40 voucher (winners choice)

(folks over 18 years are most welcome to submit works but will have to pass on prizes)



  1. Individuals can submit up to four works

  2. They must be your own work

  3. All entrants must be amateurs

  4. Any medium will be accepted - film, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, poems, songs, writing, short stories, original piece of music, or any combination of the above. (Photographs must not be of you and/or your family. Permission must be obtained from any identifiable individual.)

  5. Subject - My Life in Scotland

  6. Make sure your age is visible, but your name should be on the back, or enclosed in a sealed envelope attached to your work, so that entries can be judged anonymously by the panel.

Please submit work to 88 or 158 Main Street, Pathhead or on Thursdays at the Veggie Wagon in the hall from 11 - 2pm.

Last day of entry is 1200, 13th August 2020

Results will be announced at the competition display to be held in Pathhead Community Hall on Saturday 15th August (Government Guidelines permitting)

Any questions please email



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