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Tynewater Transport Forum

The only bus for the Tynewater district (51/52 Borders Bus) was removed in March 2020 and after the A68 flood and currently only operates a limited service. Local people depend on public transport to get to work, education, hospital, attend social classes, events and to see family and friends. There are real concerns that our communities are being forgotten about and left isolated. 

There appears to no clear answers as to when our buses will be returning the service back to “normal” or if and how they will be supported financially. Even with a normal service, Tynewater residents have a less frequent and more expensive service that other towns and villages in Midlothian.  

Sestrans (The SE Scotland Transport Partnership) has said,


"it is now clear that community transport providers are struggling to continue to provide services. Commercial, ‘fixed-line,’ bus operators are impacted by the dramatic falls in passenger numbers and in some instances have had to reduce or discontinue services. The challenge now is to minimise the impact on many individuals, groups and communities finding it even more difficult to access public transport services."

There is a small group in the district, working with the Community Council and the Pathhead Community Association, to actively engage with Midlothian Council and Scottish Borders Buses on behalf of the communities. 

The groups latest report on Public Transport in Rural North East Midlothian can be found here

The group is looking for looking for like-minded people to support its ongoing research and development; the setting up of a Rural Forum for people to engage locally on finding innovative solutions to support or increase public transport opportunities. 

If interested: please contact Joan Higginson.

Other information

Transform Scotland published a report, ‘Transport Recovery’, which sets out transport priorities to rebuild public transport post-lockdown Click here to read it. (This link will open a new window)  

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation its current thinking on the issues that will need to be addressed when preparing Scotland’s fourth National Planning Framework. This  will focus on achieving: Net Zero Emissions; Resilient Communities; A Wellbeing Economy; and Better, Greener Places.


The deadline for responses is Friday 19 February 2021 and you can find more information and respond on the Scottish Government website.


SEStrans:Call for Expressions of Interest from Demand Responsive Transport & MaaS Partners.

Click here for more info.

Please note: The PDCA is hosting this page on website to support local groups that have interests aligned with its aim to support the health and welfare of Tynewater residents.


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