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The Pathhead Phone Box

Pathhead joined BT’s ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme in 2018. Since then, this ancient communication vessel which stands proud at the side of the A68, has been gaining itself a reputation as an Extraordinary Entity; A Powerful Place where imagination and creativity merge with sharing and caring, and where an assortment of virtual and real-life delights manifest themselves in unique and wonderful ways!


Used by day as a swap shop, 'The Box' (as it is becoming affectionately known) is often exploding with anything from culinary delights, freshly grown fruit and vegetables to Halloween costumes (and everything in between!). 


In addition, it has the capacity to transform into the smallest venue in the world where some of the world’s finest wordsmiths and musicians do their thing.  


After the success of last year’s Advent in the Box we felt it was only right everyone in the village had another opportunity to show off their amazing talents. 

Due to COVID restrictions we are expecting more zoom based videos to be uploaded. 


Not that we don’t want you to use 'the Box'. Just make sure you keep to the social distancing measures that are in place at the time you record your piece. 

So let’s end this horrible year with some cheer with your songs, poems and stories, etc.


Scroll down for more info on how to get involved! 

Advent in The Box

Intro to Advent in the Box 2020


  1. Your  message can be anything you like, for example 

    1. a song

    2. a festive thought, wish or poem

    3. an advert for a business or show

  2. Please film in 'landscape'.

  3. You are welcome to film from 'the box', if restrictions allow, however if you are more comfortable filming in your home that is also absolutely fine...whatever you prefer! 

  4. Films to be no longer than 2 minutes (if you're slightly over don't stress!)

  5. When you are ready, click on the big blue arrow to upload your video.

    1. PLEASE NOTE - by uploading your film via this link you are agreeing that we can publish your video on YouTube as a public film as part of the Advent in a Box project.

  6. Any questions or problems get in touch

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