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There have been many negative comments in social media about the lockdown, but as part of our Mutual Aid Network we've been recording just "what's goin' on in Pathhead and District".

Here is a list of how people have pulled together. Apologies if we've missed stuff, but if you know of other goings on add a comment and let's keep a record of what a wonderful place we live in - perhaps post a photo as well and we can have a display in the Hall after this.

Pathhead and District, Cousland, Edgehead, Fala and Humbie set up helper/aid networks. All have volunteers doing ongoing shopping, prescription pickups and school meal deliveries across the Tynewater area.

Volunteers worked with the Community Council to set up the help networks, get contact and help information out on websites, social media, posters, flyers and leaflets.

The Community Council and Midlothian Council has set up insurance for volunteers and authorisation letters to help them with their volunteering.

The Community Council has set up a small financial aid scheme for people in need.

Midlothian Council are providing advice for local charities and the helper networks to pass on to people in the district. The council are referring some people in need to help networks when appropriate.

Volunteers have worked with the Pharmacy to provide prescriptions delivery for the NHS if needed.

Pathedible set up "the Wee Veg Wagon" for villagers to order and pick up vegetables purchased from the Glasgow Market.

The Surgery and Pharmacy are providing guidance on many topics on their Facebook page.

Someone organised for a meat van to visit the Pathhead and the fish van still comes into the village.

The Pathhead Village Shop has remained open through the crisis. Much is being done by the owner and assistants to help customers both in terms of getting supplies and arranging safe pickups of orders.

There was also a musical event with local musicians playing music from different places along the main street. Village musicians have been home streaming tunes and songs for us to listen too.

There has been a healthy discussions and information shared on What's On In Pathhead and the other village Facebook pages and websites. This has included: · posting help numbers and contacts · posting guidelines and how to · people offering items for others to have, use for free · people requesting and receiving items they need

A village selling page has been set up to help people sell and exchange items. The old phone box is being used to drop off and collect items.

There was a treasure hunt set up for kids as they wall around the park. People also put paintings out on walks for people to see. There are also lots of rainbows and cuddly toys in windows all through the district.

There have been collections of toiletries for the Royal Infirmary and of Easter gifts for care homes.

There has been village gardening and grass mowing events to keep the public spaces clear.

There is a food bank drop off point.

The district enthusiastically joins in the clap for the NHS every Thursday.



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