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Chairman's Report 2021

2021 has continued to be a challenging year for the hall, but it has also been very rewarding. While the hall has been through a second period of enforced closure, the periods between and after lockdown showed there was much demand for what it provides. A great deal of effort by trustees, committee and users went into ensuring the hall could be hired and used in safe manner, compliant with government guidelines.

At the start of 2021 the trustees worked with the committee to review our purpose and ways of operating to ensure we can continue to support the health & welfare of residents. This resulted in a recovery plan to start to use the hall more as a community hub than just a venue.

This effort helped us obtain a recovery grant from Adapt & Thrive to kick start our recovery. This grant is to help start a shop and café, working with The PathAhead social enterprise, and to improve facilities, such as new WIFI, for users. While we continue to see demand to use the hall, we are realistic that we may still lose some income over the next 6 months. It is still important that we look to new opportunities and adapt to changing circumstances.

The hall continues to support the health and welfare of residents in Pathhead and district and we believe it is as relevant now as it was when the PDCA was set up in 1949. We do however, need the continued support of residents and so please come to our events or those of our users. We also welcome any comments on the hall and its facilities, and ideas or offers to set up new events or activities. You could join the committee: we have a lot of fun.

Neil Dumbleton

Chair PDCA

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Short Strategy Paper
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Chairs report October 2021 PDCA final
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