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Pathhead Players - back with a bang!

As soon as the medical masks were lowered and the general public Covid antibodies increased, Pathead Players director Jenny Boyd Ellison gathered her Players to the village hall to start panto rehearsals in earnest. El presidente Graeme was issued clear instructions regarding scenery design and lightening cues long before official British summer time began.

The group having been starved of line-learning and custard creams for 2 years are primed and ready to be directed. Gentle in voice and nature, Jenny is a natural director and after lulling the Players into a false sense of gentle and loving security, she laid down the law by insisting that they would be off-book by Halloween…passing villagers reported observing wide eyes and audible gasps from the Players and this was not solely related to the Treasurers plea for subs.

To add fuel to the metaphorical fire, Jenny has changed Sunday morning rehearsals to a 9:30am start, much to the dismay of the stage crew and their weekend hangover plans. Days of relaxed scenery painting on the odd Wednesday evening are a thing of the past since Jenny insisted that the flats were to be in place before National Howl at the Moon day on the 26th October. The painting schedule this year has been military in nature-less work was carried out by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

Wardrobe mistress-in-residence Aileen continues to work seamlessly on all the costumes-she awaits her call from Gucci any day now.

As the Players, stage crew and costume mistress have been thoroughly whipped into shape, Jenny now turns her attention to you - our lovely audience-to-be. Pathhead Players have always pulled in audiences from far and wide but in our post-Covid era, it’s more important than ever to come along and support your community in providing you non-stop panto fun this year.

We’ve had a fantastic influx of new young people and we are desperate to show them the true extent of the Pathhead Players following.

Anyone with sewing skills and some time on their hands, are encouraged to contact Pathhead Players.

Run: Tuesday 30th Nov through Friday 3rd Nov 2021. 19:30pm start.


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