In line with the PDCA SCIO constitution, we are required to hold an AGM of members - that is the PDCA committee members. Any resident of Tynewater or any organisation that uses the hall may become a member on application to the trustees. In line with previous practice, the trustees of the hall publish the date of the AGM 14 days in advance to also allow any residents or other hall users to attend as well as the members.

Due to current restrictions the members are meeting electronically. Such virtual meetings and a virtual AGM are allowed under our constitution. To allow residents to participate in the AGM, the Trustees have agreed to publish the AGM business and reports online. If residents wish to comment on any matters they should contact a member of the trustees or committee, or email them here before the end of October.

In line with the constitution, the business of the AGM must include:

  1. a review of the minutes of the previous year's AGM; (please see below)

  2. a report by the chair on the activities of the organisation; (please see below)

  3. consideration of the annual accounts of the organisation; (please see below)

  4. the election/re-election of charity trustees;

All current members have agreed to continue for the coming year.

The trustees/office bearers have agreed to stand again as follows:

· Neil Dumbleton Chair

· Michael Johnstone Secretary

· Brain Christie Treasurer

The committee of members have re-elected the trustees as the named office bearers. The committee of members have approved the 2019 minutes, the accounts and the chairman's report. The trustees and committee will meet in early November to review and if necessary take onboard any comment from residents or users. A written or public response as appropriate will be given to any comments received. The final chair's report and audited accounts will then be resubmitted to the committee for approval and then submitted to OSCR, The Scottish Charity Regulator.

Managing and maintaining the Hall can sometimes take a bit of effort, but the committee have fun doing it. We try to arrange as many varied events as possible and other events are organised by groups who use the hall. If you would like to see other events in the hall or in the village, then why not join the committee, even part time.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hand sanitising stations and new procedures are the new normal

  2. The committee painting the foyer to compliment the hall and toilet refurbishment

  3. The freshly painted hall being used for the new Thursday Market

Chairman's 2020 Report

As with any organisation, 2020 has not turned out the way we expected it to. While the hall has been through a period of enforced closure, which might have become permanent, there is now much to be positive about. We have completed a notable refurbishment of the hall facilities & have modernized our governance procedures. These, together with a grant & loan, have helped us re-commission the hall & open it in a safe manner. The purpose of the PDCA is to support the health & welfare of the residents & the committee believes it is important that the hall is open at this time for as many activities as restrictions allow. We have also looked to adapt to deliver support to the residents in new ways.

Finances At the start of the year we received a £2000 grant from Robertson Trust to paint the main hall & as we had been operating in profit, we felt able to spend some of our reserves to refurbish all the toilets. This refurbishment was supported with additional money from the PSSC & Pathhead Players. We believe that this was the right thing to do, although it subsequently meant there was pressure on our finances when we came to reopen.

During closure, the hall continued to incur costs, but with little income. Re-commissioning the hall was expected to be expensive because we had to comply with additional guidelines & address matters arising from closure. Buying PPE & additional cleaning supplies was & remains costly. It is fair to say that we might not have been able to reopen had we not obtained a £10,000 grant from Midlothian Council & a Bounce Back Loan of £3000 from the Bank.

The loan will have to be repaid, but the hall finances are in the black. The grant & loan provide a financial cushion for our current operation, so the committee felt it appropriate to "pass some of this on". We have therefore, reduced the cost of hires or provided periods of free hire to users. The hall e