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Food Bank Collecting - 22/03/20

Food Bank Collecting point in Pathhead on Sunday 22nd March 2020

St Mary's Church in Pathhead (the foot of Oxenfoord Drive) will be open on Sunday 22nd from 1pm to 3pm for people to drop off food for the long established Trussel Trust Foodbank in Gorebridge.

All our lives are being disrupted at this time, but some people are less able to cope and it is even more essential that the foodbanks are kept open. Money donations will also be accepted. There is a list of common items below, but they are particularly short of  tinned meat at the moment.

We will not be giving out food, but there will be communication soon about how you can access foodbanks if you are eligible.

All food and money donations will be passed on to the Food Bank on Tuesday, and we hope that this will be a regular weekly feature during this period.


You should not go there if you are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus and you must adhere to the social distancing guidelines and touching surfaces.




  • Milk (UHT or powdered)

  • Sugar 500g

  • Fruit Juice (carton, not chilled)

  • Soup (packet or tin)

  • Pasta sauces

  • Sponge pudding (tin)

  • Tomatoes (tin)

  • Cereals

  • Rice pudding (tin)

  • Tea bags/instant coffee

  • Instant mash potato

  • Rice/pasta

  • Tinned meat/fish

  • Tinned vegetables

  • Tinned fruit

  • Jam

  • Biscuits or snack bars




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