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PDCA Update 2018

PDCA Update - January 2018

The hall continues to be busy and we are just turning a profit which is good .  We now have a wide range of regular activities taking place as well as activities carried out by The Pathhead Music Collective, The Pathhead Players, The Pathhead Youth Project and the Tynewater Churches.

Our AGM was well attended and we have a new larger commitee. However, we would still welcome any additional help - perhaps you could join our group of commitee supporters, who help out at occasional events or with partiular maintenance issues. We usually meet on the first Thursday of every month in the PSSC at the back of the hall.

We are also looking to rekindle our refurbishment efforts and welcome input with anyone with experince of doing this. Please get in touch to be added to our skills list.

We have several events planned for spring 2018 and we are aiming to get events like these, and the 70's Night or Abba Nights, taking place every couple of months. These are organized  by the Committee, our enthusiastic co-optees, The Pathhead Music Collective or the Pathhead Sports and Social Club. The Pathhead Plays are still are a highlight in the village - Remember the Panto!

We would like to see the Hall used more so there is something every night and have at least one social event each month. There is still opportunities to hire the hall or indeed the newly refurbished Social Club room at the back of the Hall, which would be ideal for a smaller gathering. 

Finally, we also have an updated website which we will hope will be an information hub for the village. Here you can find information on regular events and classes, as well as special events that are happening at the hall. We will also post relevant local information here and if you would like to be let up to date please subscribe to our newsletter, which we hope to put out at regular intervals. We hope to continue to develop the site over the coming months and would welcome any feedback you may have. Please get in touch.

Many thanks,




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