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Young Person Volunteer

Pathhead and District Community Association are looking for an enthusiastic young person to join them.

Post description

It is expected that the successful volunteer will contribute three to four hours a month, by attending our once a month meetings and taking part in various projects we are involved in.

We aim to support the candidate so they gain an understanding and become involved in various aspects of the PDCA, such as IT, DIY financial management and basic organisational skills.

It is hoped we can provide an opportunity to meet various people we work with outwith the PDCA, such as group leaders, councillors, etc

We are sure this experience will be beneficial to the candidate’s future CV and we will be happy to give references when appropriate.

Most importantly though, we look forward to you bringing your youthful experience to the team.


About Us

The PDCA is a charity working with a variety of people and groups within the district.

The members have a variety of skills and interests coming from a wide range of backgrounds. We are happily enthusiastic so despite all that Covid has flung at the country the Pathhead Village Hall is open for business.

A wide variety of groups use and have used the hall in the recent past including Pathhead Players, The Pathhead Youth Group, Pathhead Gardeners, The Midlothian Science Festival and The Edinburgh Jazz Festival.

We have also been involved in campaigning for our local bus service and supporting local radio.

If you are interested in applying for this position we would love to hear from you.



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